Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find a few of the questions we get most often and the most used solution.

You ordered from us but have not received a response: You should be receiving information shortly after your order.
– Please check your spam or junk folder.  Your email may have been entered incorrectly, use our contact form to let us know.

You receive emails from us inconsistently:  Typically this is due to spam filters.
– Please add [email protected] to your contact list or address book.
– Please check your spam filter settings to be sure that our content and/or address isn’t blocked.
– Webmail providers such as AOL, Yahoo, or Hotmail deliver mail in small batches which can sometimes result in emails taking up to 24 hours to be delivered to a specific email account.
– A setting may not be in place to receive updates from The Guide’s Forecast – let us know you are still struggling using our contact form.

Problems viewing some pages or accessing member information: Sometimes web browsers don’t refresh data
– Try to reload or refresh the web page, you can hold down the Ctrl key and select f5 to do this most of the time.
– Clear your browser history cache.  You can try to select ctrl, shift and delete at the same time or here is a little article here if you need a hand.

Using Safari?: Cookies and the default settings sometimes cause problems so make sure they are enabled for sites you visit or at least for this site.

Enabling cookies in Safari for iOS (iPhone/iPad/iPod touch)
– From your home screen, go to Settings > Safari.
– Set Block Cookies to Allow from Websites I Visit. Once this is set, you can browse websites normally.

If you are using a Mac for a computer there are settings for that too. I found the following that may be helpful:
We suggest that the settings be Allow from Websites I Visit.

Problems seeing information, only see titles: there is a lot of restricted content on our site
– if you are a member, make sure you are signed into the site
– if you are not a paid member, look into becoming one.  We provide a lot of useful information year around as well as bonus material that only paid members can see.

User name or password problems: Who can keep up with them all?
– Just below the log-in section there should be a lost your password link where you can have a link sent to you to reset your password.
– Browsers need to allow cookies to maintain your login, this is especially true with Apple products that seem to default to not allow them.  Please check to see that they are set to allow them.
– No go?  We can help – send us your name, user name, and/or email address and we’ll figure it out.  Jump to our contact page to do so.