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Oregon Salmon Fishing

Unbeknownst to most, salmon run in Oregon's streams 12 months out of the year.  Although there are clear peak periods to participate in Oregon salmon fishing opportunities, an angler must always be prepared to do battle with Oregon's most sought-after species.

Starting the year is Oregon's famous spring chinook salmon.  The average angler expends an average of 21 hours fishing for every spring chinook retained.  Thankfully, with our professional Oregon salmon fishing guides, the average is significantly better.  But once you catch one of these fish for a barbecue of only your closest friends, you'll understand why it's worth the wait.  This species of chinook is so laden with healthy omega-3 fat, that it practically deep fat fries itself on your grill.  This salmon is the finest tasting on the entire West Coast, and it's available six months out of the year from Oregon waters.

Summer brings on some special Oregon salmon fishing opportunities.  Coast wide, huge numbers of chinook and coho salmon are gorging themselves on massive schools of baitfish in the ocean.  Here, our Oregon salmon fishing guides and charters have an opportunity to put you onto schools of actively feeding salmon which usually means easy limits of high-quality fish.  With head spinning fast action, the guide has to make sure they have ample bait supplies as 20 to 50 violent strikes constitute an average day.

And then, the massive migration begins.  Within close proximity to Portland, one of the most productive fisheries on the entire West Coast kicks into high gear.  Come and experience the Buoy 10 fishery at the mouth of the Columbia River.  This is Oregon salmon fishing at its finest.  With the numbers of Columbia River salmon that enter the river at this time of year, state agencies occasionally increase the bag limits on salmon so a glut of fish doesn't over-run the our numerous hatcheries.  This type of wide-open fishing brings out professional Oregon salmon fishing guides from every corner of the state but the best ones know where to position themselves at each stage of the tide and what lure or bait is working best for each species of Columbia River salmon.

On the heels of this magnificent fishery comes an angler's opportunity to boat a salmon of a lifetime! The last remaining healthy run of wild salmon migrates in impressive numbers back to every Oregon coastal watershed.  These “abundant beasts” exhibit everything you would expect from a strain of salmon that have survived a century of European settlement.  The extra few weeks of prime feeding conditions coupled with a superior genetic makeup allows for these chinook-up to 60 or 70 pounds, to negotiate our steep coastal drainages.  Large chinook fishing on light gear is our main quarry but our Oregon salmon fishing guides also take an occasional coho salmon as well.  This run of salmon provides for a quality fishery from September through October in our ocean and estuaries and October through December in scores of Oregon coastal rivers. 


salmon fishing in oregon

salmon fishing in oregon

salmon fishing in oregon

Book a trip with a professional fishing guide at or call 877.7fishon, that is 877.734.7466.

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