How to properly rig and make steelhead gear, including tutorials on rags, soft beads, yarnies, stick weights and slinkies with Pro Guide Chris Vertopoulos.

January 29th at 7:00PM PT


We are recording the event so if you check back on Saturday you can then access the recording.  Thanks for your interest! 

Pro Guide Chris Vertopoulos talks about setting up your gear providing in depth information to help you catch more fish

What you will learn...

  • How to keep your gear fishing the effectively
  • Learn how to tie yarnies for side-drifting
  • How to use slinkies and stick weights
  • Efficient and effective ways to make your own

Webinar Example

The video to the right is an example of what you will find included in the webinar, Building Your Own Gear, with Chris Vertopoulos.  


In addition to all the material prepared, for those that attend, there will be the opportunity to ask questions related to the material.  

  • And much more, including a Q & A session, where no question is off limits!

Why Purchase

Pro guide Chris Vertopoulos is innovative, creative and strategic in his approach to winter steelhead fishing. Chris has been perfecting his gear and presentations for decades of successful fishing excursions, and is now sharing with you, the most efficient and effective way to make your own gear for a successful fishing trip. Learn how to tie yarnies for side-drifting, rags for driftfishing and slinkies and stick weights to keep your gear fishing the most effectively.


You’ll come away from this webinar prepared to be successful!

Don’t miss this opportunity to catch more fish

Seminar was recorded on on Friday, January 29th. 

The event will be recorded, and a link will be sent out to participants so that they can view the recording if they were missed or want to see some part of the recording again.

Wilson Steelhead with Pro Guide Bob Rees

Meet Our Speaker

Pro Guide Chris Vertopoulos with Bob Rees

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