3rd Annual Family Fish Camp is coming March 9 – 11!

The Association of Northwest Steelheaders does a lot of things we’re proud of. One of the organization’s greatest programs is Family Fish Camp. On March 9th – 11th, the incredible volunteers of the Association will take on scores of families and children, and teach them how to fish in our great Pacific Northwest. The program is designed to break down the barriers that newcomers have in entering our community of passionate sport anglers.

TGF readers are likely already too experienced to participate here, but of course you’re most welcome if this program offers something to you! The bigger value you bring here, is to let those you think might be interested in attending this event, know about what a terrific opportunity it is to dive into the sport we so love to participate in.

The 2 day, 2 night event is held on the banks of the Sandy River at Camp Angelos, and includes a terrific opportunity to catch and keep rainbow trout from the stocked KastKing/Tom McCall chapter of the Northwest Steelheaders trout pond located on the premises. Kids and families go away from this event making new friends, and understanding why we love this sport so much. Costs are minimal, and scholarships may be available for those that need financial assistance.

Check out the event’s page from the Association’s web site and come have fun just prior to spring break!

Thank you Steelheaders, for all you do!