Soapbox Update: ACTION ALERT! January 13th, 2017

On January 20th, the Oregon Fish and Wildlife Commission will decide the fate of Columbia River anglers for the 2017 fishing season and the future of the Columbia River Fisheries Reform Package. To date, Oregon’s anglers have not received what we paid for (the Columbia River endorsement fee), what we sacrificed for (smolt transfers happened from the Sandy River and Willamette River hatcheries to supplement the Young’s Bay gillnet fishery), and what we were promised (increased angler opportunity and greater conservation measures by the gillnet fleet).


Join your fellow anglers in a united front against this attack against the reform package. The last time this commission voted on this reform package, 5 commissioners (Michael Finley, Greg Wolley, Holly Akenson, and of course Laura Anderson and Bruce Buckmaster) voted to roll back provisions in the reform package, while 2 commissioners (Bob Weber and Jason Atkinson, soon to be replaced by Jim Bittle) voted to stay the course.

We are still hopeful this commission will do the right thing. The Washington Fish and Wildlife Commission will rule first on the direction they desire their agency to adopt. Hopefully, pending a favorable decision for sportanglers, Oregon will follow the path that benefits our community socially, economically and from a conservation perspective. We will develop talking points following the January 14th decision from Washington to stay tuned…


Where: Oregon Fish and Wildlife Headquarters 4034 Fairview Industrial Drive SE 

Salem, OR 97302

When: Meeting starts at 8:00 am

Meanwhile, please consider writing the commission on your feelings for deviating from the course at:

AND, contact your senator and representative by finding their contact info here: