Soapbox Update: Let’s Keep Fighting for Snake River Salmon, Our Columbia River Season Depends on it! April 16th, 2020

We were OVERWHELMED by the response we got to sign onto our petition to recover Snake River Wild Salmon. THANK YOU!

Your names were submitted along with hundreds of others, expressing concern that the federal government had developed ANOTHER FAILED PLAN to recover Snake River salmon. It’s something we simply can not tolerate anymore.

Fishing and conservation groups have changed our strategy from engaging with federal regulators and instead, going right to our elected leaders to help us foster a meaningful conversation with the barging and farming communities to seek commonsense solutions that recover Snake River salmon while keeping their communities whole.

And I think we already know where we bottom out in 2020.
ZERO angler trips in 2020!

That’s why it’s so important, even amongst the COVID-19 pandemic, to keep the pressure on, not to ignore the extinction crisis at hand. We likely won’t get to fish for spring Chinook on the mainstem Columbia River this year (at least not below Bonneville Dam) and the fall mainstem Columbia season is the most abbreviated I’ve ever seen in 3 decades of paying attention.


That’s why we need you to submit a question HERE to Senator Ron Wyden, for his virtual town hall event tomorrow morning (4/17) at 10:30 a.m. The more questions on salmon recovery he gets, the more likely he is to address it!

If you have the time, and wish to participate in the virtual town hall event at 10:30 a.m., go HERE for more information on the Facebook link.

The sportfishing community has moved the Senator to a better place at a January Tillamook County Town Hall event, where he agreed to help promote a community conversation around recovery. Let’s make sure he keeps his commitment to acknowledging the dire need for recovery.

You may consider incorporating these points when asking your question:

  1. Snake River salmon directly drive our fishing opportunity and the health of our communities. Can you help facilitate a collaborative solution that recovers fish and addresses the needs of the agricultural industry in the Columbia Basin? Or incorporate a personal story,
  2. I take my family fishing this time of year and our opportunity is waning. I want my children to have the same opportunities I had in catching and sharing salmon with our friends and family. What can you do to help?
  3. I know there are bigger issues facing our communities during this pandemic crisis and we appreciate what you’re doing to help all Americans. The extinction of Columbia River Basin salmon is also a crisis that needs addressing when the nation returns to some form of normalcy. Can you help ensure extinction doesn’t become reality?

Thank you, this is very important for our sport, let’s not let this opportunity to protect our fisheries get away!

Stevie Parsons with a large Chinook

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