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Willamette Valley/Metro – Chinook counts at Bonneville are starting to jump, the fall run salmon are en route. Still too early to expect consistent results, motivated anglers will start to show in numbers in the coming weeks. Based on catches from the estuary, it looks as if the run is going to come in as predicted. Wobblers have been a traditional winner, but Pro trollers have been all the buzz in recent years.

Low summer steelhead numbers remain alarming.

The Willamette is still a warm water fishery and the dog days of summer have hit the Sandy and Clackamas Rivers. Coho are still weeks away so Willamette Valley river fishers are chomping at the bit.

Northwest – The lower Columbia is in full bloom, with persistent anglers taking Chinook with some regularity. Consistency is not the rule however, there is no pattern for anglers to rely on. Chinook are taking herring, anchovies and on some days, spinners with regularity. Coho are rare in the river still, and the ocean coho quota is nearing its limit and the north of Cape Falcon ocean fishery is slated to close after the day of fishing on August 22nd.

The Nehalem summer Chinook fishery is at its peak right now, but most anglers are focused on the Columbia as this system’s Chinook run is sub-par this season. Action should last another week before a lull, and then fair numbers of fall Chinook should start showing by early September. Hatchery coho should start to show then too.

Tillamook Chinook action may still be weeks away, but fall run fish have been known to show by late August. It’s been quiet there as of late. Garibaldi is still putting out great numbers of rockfish however.

Tuna chasers are less than impressed, with many calling it their worst year ever. The fish are of a good grade however, just few and far between.

Most ocean caught crab remain in a soft shell state, but that should improve next month.

Southwest – From TGF’s friend Pete Heley (

Salmon fishing in the ocean off Winchester Bay and in the Umpqua River below Reedsport has been fair at best, but last Tuesday (August 8th), anglers caught about 30 chinook on the Umpqua River below Reedsport and six chinooks were caught by bank anglers casting spinners at Half Moon Bay.

Very few reports from successful striped bass anglers on the Smith and Umpqua rivers – and fishing pressure and success appear to be down on the Coquille River as well.

Crabbing at Winchester Bay has been very good and fishing the South Jetty has been fair to good for bottomfish and striped surfperch.

A walk around Lake Marie convinced me that the largemouth bass population is definitely down from where it was several years ago. The most likely reason is that the bass fry spawned in at least some of the last several years did not reach sufficient size by late fall to survive their first winter.

Other local lakes that seem to have reduced bass populations include Perkins Lake and Elbow Lake. But the bass population in Lost Lake appears to have grown somewhat over the last several years.

Eastern – Regular contributor Tim Moran stated that with the impending “apoceclipse,” if you’re not already in Central or Eastern Oregon, you won’t be getting there anytime soon. We’ll have a report for you next week.

SW Washington -Cowlitz River – I-5 Bridge downstream: 12 bank rods released 1 adult Chinook. 2 boats/6 rods had no catch. Above the I-5 Bridge: 71 bank rods kept 6 adult Chinook and 5 steelhead and released 4 adult Chinook. 23 boats/65 boat rods kept 24 steelhead and 1 cutthroat and released 1 jack Chinook, 4 steelhead, and 2 cutthroats. Last week.

River flows at Mayfield Dam are approximately 2,640 cubic feet per second (cfs) on Monday, Aug. 14. Water visibility is 13 feet and water temperature is 54.7 degrees F. Drano Lake – 48 boat anglers kept 17 adult and 3 jack Chinook and released 8 hatchery and 14 wild steelhead. Between 4 and 10 boats here last weekday mornings.

Lower Columbia mainstem below Bonneville Dam – Last week we sampled 594 salmonid anglers (including 173 boats) with 22 adult and 4 jack fall Chinook, 18 steelhead but no coho. All of the adult Chinook were kept. All of the steelhead were released as required. 13 of the fish were wild, 5 hatchery, and 0 unknown origin.

Bonneville Pool – 1 boat/4 anglers kept 2 adult Chinook.


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