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Willamette Valley/Metro – With the Columbia still closed, and a quashing of a potential consumptive sturgeon season, anglers remain focused on the Willamette River itself, and justifiably so. Chinook counts are Bonneville are currently robust, and jack counts more optimistic than last year at this time. Hopefully that means we’ve had our rock bottom this year.

The Thursday Willamette River re-opener is always highly anticipated; at least it used to be. Crowds were down today (5/25) for what reason I don’t know. Did people think the run was over when over 3,000 fish passed Willamette Falls earlier this week? It was nice to get a parking place fairly close to my boat moorage today. And fishing, well, fishing was quite good!

The wobbler bite took off in the warmest water of the year; 61 degrees at daybreak today. The Lake Line produced bountiful catches with most fish falling to either plugs or wobblers. It was a nice sight to see. Those working the Garbage Hole with eggs weren’t that impressed and jiggers were only taking an occasional fish. Trollers downstream fared mediocre on Thursday.

The shad are IN!

The Clackamas remains high, but summer steelhead and spring Chinook are present. Effort remains somewhat low but fishing conditions are improving.

The Sandy has a fair slug of summer steelhead available and spring Chinook can be taken in the morning according to pro guide Jeff Stoeger (503) 704-7920. Jeff stated that the river conditions are ideal and summers are falling to bobber and jig, as well as spinners.

With over 10,000 fish over Willamette Falls, the upper Willamette and Santiam River fisheries should get underway. With periodic closures happening downstream of Willamette Falls, there should be more biters escaping into upriver fisheries. Summer steelhead counts remain dangerously low.

Northwest – Spring Chinook are starting to show with more regularity in Tillamook Bay. Herring trollers working the upper bay on the current extreme tide series aren’t knocking them silly, but it’s a worthwhile effort. And of course the grade of fish is nicer than their Willamette cousins. Spinners don’t seem to be producing all that well, but that could change at any time.

The Trask has fish too, with some driftboaters faring pretty well at times. Bank anglers working the Hatchery Hole have the best chance, but it does seem like lock-jaw does set in at times.

The Wilson and Nestucca also has some spring Chinook and a rare, and I do mean rare summer steelhead. Seems steelhead numbers across the region are depressed this year.

Rockfishing in the ocean remains excellent, but halibut did slow following a great Garibaldi opener last Thursday. Ocean crabbing is fair at best and poor in the estuaries.

The next mid-coast halibut opener is June 1 – 3. The all depth halibut season out of the Columbia is now closed. That didn’t take long.

A busy week of trout stocking here however. Go here to find the district’s schedule.

Southwest – A SW region report is unavailable this week, due to writer Michael Teague on medical leave for a short period of time.

Eastern – An Eastern Oregon report is unavailable this week, due to writer Michael Teague on medical leave for a short period of time.

SW Washington – From the WDF&W web site:

Cowlitz River – 285 bank rods kept 22 adult and 1 jack spring Chinook and 1 steelhead and released 2 adult spring
Chinook and 5 cutthroats. 94 boat rods kept 28 adult spring Chinook and 1 steelhead and released 5 cutthroats.
Last week, Tacoma Power employees recovered 315 spring Chinook adults, 34 spring Chinook jacks, 43 winter-run
steelhead adults and 18 summer-run steelhead adults in five days of operation at the Cowlitz Salmon Hatchery
During the past week, Tacoma Power employees released six spring Chinook adults, 12 spring Chinook jacks, and two
winter-run steelhead adults into the Cispus River near Yellow Jacket Creek and they released 64 spring Chinook
adults, nine spring Chinook jacks, and one winter-run steelhead adult into Lake Scanewa located near Randle.
In addition, Tacoma Power employees released 41 spring Chinook adults and five spring Chinook jacks at Franklin
Bridge in Packwood and five winter-run steelhead adults into the Tilton River located at Gust Backstrom Park in
River flows at Mayfield Dam are approximately 14,600 cubic feet per second on Monday, May 22th. Water visibility is
6 feet and water temperature is 46.4 degrees F.

East Fork Lewis River from the mouth to 400 feet below Horseshoe Falls (except closures around various falls) and
the Washougal River from the mouth to Salmon Falls Bridge – Under permanent rules these areas will be open to
fishing with bait for hatchery steelhead beginning the first Saturday in June.
Lewis River (including North Fork) – Little to no effort for steelhead.
Wind River – 227 boat rods kept 52 adult and 3 jack spring Chinook. 6 bank rods kept 4 adult and 1 jack spring
Drano Lake – 471 boat rods kept 151 adult and 6 jack spring Chinook and released 3 adult and 1 jack spring Chinook.
Klickitat River – 38 bank anglers kept 12 adult and 1 jack spring Chinook and 4 steelhead.
Klickitat River from the mouth (Burlington Northern Railroad Bridge) upstream the Fisher Hill Bridge and from 400
feet upstream from #5 fishway upstream to boundary markers below the Klickitat Salmon Hatchery – Effective
June 1, open to fishing 7 days per week. Daily limit 6 hatchery Chinook of which 2 may be adults. In addition, up to 3
hatchery steelhead may be retained.

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