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Willamette Valley Fishing Report – Despite continued good numbers of Chinook passing Bonneville Dam, action remains subdued but at least anglers have opportunity right now. Chinook, shad and sturgeon are all worthwhile but only shad and sturgeon fishing is excellent. Boat anglers will get additional opportunity with the early opener of the water above Beacon Rock starting on Saturday, May 30th. This should be good for anchor anglers in pursuit of early summer Chinook and spring Chinook running right now.

For Willamette anglers, the main challenge you’ll face this week (and, unfortunately, more to come), is a lack of current. As a consequence, trolling will be your only option; and this applies not only to springer trollers bit also to those seeking shad the latter of which will be available in abundance given a week or two.

McKenzie anglers will continue to treat the low water situation as a blessing and a curse. Sure, there’s not the flow you’d like to see at the end of May but wading is great! Fish BWOs and Mayflies. Spring Chinook are present in fair numbers and anglers are catching some fish.

The low, clear waters of the Santiams are slow for fishing. Steelheaders are challenged everywhere due to a poor 2015 return while those seeking springers are finding only a few in the lower South Santiam. |

Clackamas steelheading is a dud thanks to a poor return this year and spring Chinook fishing is challenging due to low, clear water.

Springers are available on the Sandy River for those who can locate them. Be aware that the Sandy spring Chinook fishery will endure and may even improve through June.

North Coast Fishing Report – Spring Chinook are showing with some regularity on Tillamook Bay with the bulk of the effort taking place in the lower bay, jaws and ocean on the current soft tide series. Anglers are still pursuing them in the upper bay where some are saying they’re seeing plenty of them roll around in the soft waters but not biting. Tidewater fishing has been slow although fish are likely present. District rivers remain critically low and success is critically low but some fish are present at the hatchery holes of the Trask and Three Rivers. Few summer steelhead are being reported from the Nestucca and Wilson Rivers and if the trend follows that of the Willamette systems, it may be a poor year.

Offshore, commercial trollers are taking some Chinook out of Garibaldi but few, if any, sport boats are pursuing deep water Chinook. Those heading to the ocean are focused on halibut on open days and bottomfish on other calm ocean days. Crabbing both in the bays and ocean remains fair at best.

Halibut action has been good for those heading to the deep water out of Garibaldi. Flatfish seekers don’t have to go nearly as far out of Pacific City and action is also good. The all-depth fishery may not last long if catch rates continue as good as they are.

Central & South Coast Reports – Depoe Bay charters report good results for rockfish while catches of lingcod have slowed.

Coho fishing season opens on June 27th and is scheduled to run through August 9th or a quota of 55,000 hatchery fish.

Spring All Depth Halibut season continues on May 28th through 30 (Thursday, Friday and Saturday). Central Coast Nearshore halibut fishing will open on July 1st.

Most of the small and mid-sized streams as well as some larger rivers in southwest Oregon opened to trout fishing on Saturday, May 23rd.

Crabbing has picked up at Winchester Bay with the pinkfin perch fishery continuing to entertain anglers. Upriver, shad and bass fishing has been good.

Lower Rogue Chinook fishers are taking a handful of springers daily while those on the middle river only wish they could do that well. Chinook fishing on the upper Rogue continues to be worthwhile.

Chetco anglers may fish for trout as of May 23rd.

Diamond Lake has frustrated most anglers in search for the large trout once available at this iconic location.

Central & Eastern – The John Day River is high and muddy although it produced good catches of smallmouth bass last week.

Head to the high lakes at Mt’ Hood for good fishing in the coming week.

Kokanee fishing has been decent at Odell and Lake Billy Chinook although it has been slow at Wickiup.

SW Washington – Anglers remain focused on the Cowlitz River with spring Chinook and some summer steelhead available. Continued low water will likely further hamper success however and hopefully the summer steelhead run materializes but anglers remain pessimistic.

Only a rare salmon or steelhead is coming from the Kalama or Lewis systems. Most district anglers are fishing the mainstem Columbia where bank anglers in the lower reaches are doing fair for salmon and an occasional steelhead.

Bank anglers working the White Salmon and Wind Rivers are getting spring Chinook in the early morning hours but the fisheries at the mouths of these systems is nearly hopeless. It’ll be several weeks before fair numbers of summer steelhead show.

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