Crooked River East

Central and Eastern Oregon Fishing Reports for January 17, 2020

Central and Eastern Oregon Fishing Reports

From ODF&W

South Twin Lake has been recently stocked with 100 Cranebow brood fish.

Steelhead fishing on the lower Deschutes continues to be fair. Though numbers are fewer this year, fish are well-dispersed from the mouth to the angling deadline.

The first winter steelhead are just beginning to return to the Hood River.

Taylor Lake has been stocked this fall and fishing should be good.

Trout anglers can target the Crooked, lower Deschutes and Metolius rivers, where fishing for native redbands is open throughout the year.

Recent cold weather has slowed steelhead fishing on the John Day, but flows and minimal ice conditions are good for fishing.

Steelhead are showing up in the North Fork John Day between Monument and Kimberly.

Fishing conditions on the Umatilla are good. Steelhead anglers should focus on the lower sections of the river above and below Threemile Dam.

Ice fishing on Kinney Lake and Magone Lake has been good.

Anglers have been ice fishing on several waterbodies including Lofton Reservoir, Phillips Reservoir, Unity Reservoir and Yellowjacket Lake.

Anglers have been catching a few hybrid bass in Ana Reservoir this winter.

Best bet for the Klamath is for native redband trout in the Klamath River.

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