Clackamas and Sandy River Fishing Reports for Oct 30th

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“Coho pushed in on the last rainfall” according to pro guide Paul Coppinger (971-235-1691). While there has been little change in level and flow with the most recent round of precipitation, the next two days will tell.

Similarly, the Sandy saw an influx of coho with the last round of showers but they didn’t hold still. Anglers got a few but those fish were on the move. Most anglers found success on the river at Dodge Park and near Cedar Creek. Water levels at the Sandy River have started rising as of mid-day today, Thursday, October 29th. If the forecast for the next couple of days holds true. is will continue rising and will very likely be a muddy mess … for a while.

The Guide’s Forecast – Much of the business of forecasting fishing is reliant on the accuracy of weather predictions. If weather-guessers are right, it’s going to rain like hell the next two days. Now, we all know that generally rivers won’t fish well on the rise, but catch ‘em as they start to drop and clear and it can be as good as it gets. As it looks now, the Clackamas will be on the rise into the early hours of Sunday, November 1st at which time it will start to fall and continue doing so through the coming week. As water clarity improves, so should fishing. These are coho so spinners will be a go-to along with bobber and eggs.

Anglers have been getting coho here and there on the Sandy, mostly as a result of rainfall earlier this week. Traditionally, when the Sandy rises, it turns a color no one would wish for. It seems to muddy up like no other. This will be the case over the next several days but once again, if the magic is going to happen it will be as flows moderate, levels drop and visibility improves. “If there are fish left in the Columbia, they’ll be coming in,” said pro guide Paul Coppinger (971-235-1691), who added, “If spinners aren’t getting hit, floating eggs under a bobber can be very effective but use the best-quality eggs you can get.”