Cormorants – Reader Email

Subscriber Steve T. wrote this week to say, “I’m sure you have been following developments on the Cormorant culling.  The Audubon Society has put out multiple, and very shrill,  NATIONAl appeals to their entire mailing list asking folks to oppose it; one Audubon member told me that 98% of the mail has been opposed to the operation.

“I felt so strongly about this that I resigned my long-time membership in Audubon.  One man’s last stand – it will have absolutely no effect, I know, but I just can’t support them after this.

“There is, in my judgement, a very good chance that this is going to be overturned. A lawsuit looking for an injunction has already been filed.

“All fishermen – sport AND commercial – have got to stand up and be counted.  I hope you will help lead that effort.” Pro guide and TGF co-editor Bob Rees responded,In my other life (besides being the publisher/co-owner with brother Doug of The Guide’s Forecast and part time fishing guide), I am the Executive Director of the Association of NW Steelheaders. The Steelheaders have been very active on this issue but like the frustration you feel, so it is with the sport community that we don’t seem to be as compelled to action as the Audubon. We submitted a good number of comments and actually had more people show up during the EIS process but we got overwhelmed by submitted comments by the birders on this issue and thus lost some traction with the EIS process and got a reduced number of cormorants in the take program. “We are well aware of the lawsuit but should delve deeper into what role sport groups will take on this issue. I’ll elevate it and I hope you’re a member of the Association as we will need you to be an active part of this conversation. We always have room in our Soapbox Update so feel free to write an action piece, we’d love to post it on our web site. “Thanks very much!”

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