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Introducing The Guide’s Forecast new Affiliation with KastKing Rods!

It’s Not the Same Old Sportsmen’s Show This Year!

Well, of course there will be the same ‘ol friends you’ve come to love and trust this year at the Sportsmen’s Show, but there is a revolution on the horizon.


KastKing is launching a new series of rods developed by steelhead guru Al Noraker. Al has a long history of sport fishing in the Pacific Northwest and you’ll see the launch of something special with his line of 15 KastKing Krome salmon and steelhead rods for the Pacific Northwest angler. Yes, there are rods tailored for sturgeon, walleye, catfish and many more species too, and incredible value in KastKing’s braided and fly lines as well. And how about the industry’s first rod specifically tailored for trolling Pro Trolls? Yes, the 12 foot, you heard it, 12 FOOT KastKing Krome Pro-Troller specifically designed to maximize the efficiency of trolling those heavy Pro Trolls that have taken our Pacific Northwest fisheries by storm. You’re going to love this rod!

It will all be in the Eposeidon booth (space 277) along with me, Bob Rees, to answer any fishing related questions you may have. Let us tell you the KastKing story and how we can build ahigh quality rod that commonly retails for $400+ and sell it directly to you for less than 1/2 the price.



Al Noraker with a 9-pound broodstock steelhead from the Wilson River taken on February 5th, 2018. The fish was caught on KastKing’s new Krome series strike-tip plug rod, soon to be available to TGF subscribers!

KastKing’s first “Krush” took place on the Wilson River just yesterday, going 4 for 4 from Mills Bridge to Sollie Smith. Despite water well flogged by bobber doggers, we did a leisurely 8:00 a.m. start and swept through the masses to have a fantastic day through innovative strategies. Come find out how, in the Eposeidon booth (space 277) this week and weekend. See you at the show!

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  1. Very interested in when, how, and where I can purchase this rod, the 12 FOOT KastKing Krome Pro-Troller.
    —Dave 503-307-5806

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