KastKing Rods are HERE!

KastKing Rods are HERE!

When you launch a new product, you want to make sure it launches TIGHT! Well, you’ve been asking for weeks, and the new KastKing Krome series has now arrived and ready for purchase! These are the same salmon and steelhead rods that you were gushing over at the February Sportsmen’s Show and now they’re ready for your use!

I’ve had the good fortune of fishing for salmon, steelhead, sturgeon, and rockfish with these different models of the Krome series and they have never failed me! You’re going to love the style, feel, sensitivity and especially the VALUE as these rods go from manufacturer to consumer, skipping two, yes, that’s TWO price hikes before they hit the retail market.

Up close KK STW

The KastKing’s first victim; A Wilson River hatchery winter steelhead from February 2018

Made with components and care that often fetches prices north of $400.00 in the retail market, the new way of doing business enables KastKing to price these rods between $139.00 to $169.00. Once you see the components and care that went into the craftsmanship of these rods, you too will agree, this is the new model for our Pacific Northwest Fisheries!

So use this link here, go to the “Fishing Rods” drop-down menu, and in the lower right-hand corner is the new Krome series rods, ready for you to order. When they arrive in 2 days with your Amazon Prime Free shipping account, it’ll be like Christmas in May! We’ll keep you informed of how the KastKing products are performing for us and when you see just how good these rods are, submit your photo with your KastKing caught fish, and we’ll enter you into a drawing for a seat in pursuit of fall Chinook THIS SEPTEMBER, for the best photo for each species of fish!

KastKing rod designer Al Noraker with his season’s first steelhead, caught on the KastKing 8’2″ strike-tip rod!

Yes! You can catch sturgeon, salmon, steelhead, bottomfish, tuna, walleye and nearly anything else with this Krome series. Send your photos to Bob Rees at brees@pacifier.com to enter, we’ll judge the photos based on several different attributes and include the winners in our newsletter!

So GO KASTKING and get your fish on! ORDER HERE!

And here is a fun video from our 2018 Willamette Salmon Quest, that talks about our Quest for 100K initiative, and an awesome day on the Wilson River for steelhead just 2 days before the Sportsmen’s Show last February! ENJOY!


The Pro-Troller is FLYING off of the shelves, ORDER NOW!