Oregon and SW Washington Fisheries Update November 28th, 2019

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Happy Thanksgiving! We’re grateful to our subscribers and the incredible natural resources we get to enjoy in the Pacific Northwest!

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Katri Rees, 10, of Oregon City with her first keeper-sized sturgeon, caught on June 8th, the beginning of the catch and release period for this fishery.
Katri Rees, 10, of Oregon City with her first keeper-sized sturgeon, caught on June 8th, the beginning of the catch and release period for this fishery.

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Again, Happy Thanksgiving and we hope you take advantage of these wonderful Black Friday – Sunday deals! Now, onto the fishing report!

Willamette Valley/Metro – With the onset of the cold weather, anglers are not very motivated for the already depleted opportunities that currently exist in the Portland/Metro area. Although winter steelhead are on the minds of many, it’ll still be several more weeks before catchable numbers appear. Dedicated anglers are still looking west to the coast for fishing and crabbing options.

The Willamette itself remains an option for catch and release sturgeon. Fishing below the Fremont Bridge will be your best bet.

A few wild coho remain in the Clackamas system, but they have shut down in the cooler air and water temperatures. Wind from the east, fishing the least ya know…

Pro guide Jeff Stoeger (503-704-7920) of O2BFISHN reports on the Sandy River, “Hello All.  I would like to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving. This is when the coho are winding down and it almost time for winter steelheading. The latest report was that there was a late blast of coho this last week and most of them were nickel bright and most of them were wild. The hatchery has received 1100 hatchery fish as well as some winter chinook. The river is still on the low side and will continue until we get that big rain fall event.”

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More TROUT STOCKING of both legals and trophy trout in the Willamette Valley and throughout the state. Fall is a great time to take advantage of these fish that are wanting to put on some winter pounds before the weather hits.

Northwest Oregon – Fall Chinook fishing is still on the ropes, even at Tillamook Bay, the best option on the north Oregon Coast. Not many folks recreating although pro guide Chris Vertopoulos (503-349-1377) reported one “bronzy” buck and 2 other opportunities on the lower Wilson earlier this week. Chris reported the water to be very low and clear.

The Ghost Hole on Tillamook Bay remains a fair option during the middle part of the incoming tide, just don’t go into it with high expectations.

Thanksgiving is the traditional kick-off for early returning steelhead. There aren’t many of these early steelhead hatchery plants still going on, however. The North Fork Nehalem is low so no fish are at the hatchery, but there have been reliable reports of a few winter steelhead from the lower reaches for dedicated anglers. This and the Necanicum may be fair early season options. Again, it would be wise to be prepared to stop by your local market for a roasted chicken or leftover turkey as a back-up.

Few other rivers offer any measurable chance at a fresh Chinook or early winter steelhead. Maybe Three Rivers or at the mouth on the mainstem Nestucca. The Alsea may also harbor an early returning winter steelhead.

A nice weather window for Friday. With an offshore forecast of just a 3-foot swell at 9 seconds, your ocean-going fish tacos in the form of sea bass or lingcod. Too bad ocean sport crabbing doesn’t open up until December 1st. ALWAYS check the weather before going offshore, as in every 30 minutes!

Central and Eastern Oregon Fishing Reports

From avid angler Tim Moran:

Well, it’s snowing all over central and Eastern Oregon so it’s going to be a great weekend…to go skiing!

On the Lower Deschutes River –  A few steelhead were reported in the stretch between Warm Springs and South Junction.  The few fish caught were caught with a two nymph system with a stone fly and a dropper.  It’s going to be cold and windy and awful until next week so if you go that’s what you’re looking at. 

John Day River – There are steelhead in the river especially below the falls in the slack water.  Temps will be cold and it’s probably going to be windy!  The other problem that occurs in these conditions is the boat ramp freezes up making for challenging launch and take-outs.  I’d wait until the temps stabilize a bit.    

Metolius River –  Well the Fly Fisherman’s Place shop in Sisters reports blowing snow and cold temps through Monday. The low in Sisters this weekend is 12 so even though the river won’t freeze, I’m guessing you will.

Fall River –  Cold and with the elevation might even be hard to access.  Die Hard’s only!  Speaking of “Die Hard”. It might be better to stay home and watch the best Christmas movie ever! 

Crooked River – It’s probably going to be a little slushy until the middle of next week.  After that, it will be fishable.

Prineville Reservoir – OKay, I got some great reports from Prineville earlier in the week.  This weekend it’s going to be too cold but as soon as the weather warms a bit look for it to produce good rainbow fishing for bait and fly fishermen.

Happy Thanksgiving to all the TGF readers and staff…I am grateful for you and our great state! 

From ODF&W

The Friday and Saturday after Thanksgiving are Free Fishing Days in Oregon – days you don’t need a license or tag to fish, crab or clam anywhere in the state open to fishing/crabbing/clamming. (Remember, all other rules and regulations apply.)

With the recent winter storm, roads may be treacherous and waterbodies may be freezing over, especially at higher elevations. Be sure to check on conditions before heading out.

Steelhead anglers on the lower Deschutes should concentrate on the Maupin to Warm Springs section.

Trout anglers can target the Crooked, lower Deschutes and Metolius rivers, where fishing for native redbands can be good throughout the year.

Best bet in the Klamath Basin is fishing below Keno Dam or the Powerhouse on the Klamath River.

A lot of the small reservoirs and lakes in Lake County will be frozen over. The ice is not thick enough yet to walk on.

Instead, consider Ana Reservoir and River, as these spring-fed waterbodies remain a constant temperature throughout the year and don’t freeze.

Southwest – From ODF&W

Bottomfishing is now open to fish at all depths. Fishing for lingcod and rockfish was very good this past weekend. Many anglers caught big lingcod while fishing out past 40 fathoms. The daily bag limit for marine fish is 5 plus 2 lingcod.

The harvest of cabezon along with copper, quillback, and China rockfish are now all closed to boat anglers. Shore anglers will still be able to harvest these rockfish species (but are encouraged to release them) and 1 cabezon a day.

Anglers may also choose to fish the offshore longleader fishery outside of the 40-fathom regulatory line, which is open year-round. The longleader fishery has a daily bag limit of 10 fish made of yellowtail, widow, canary, blue, deacon, redstripe, greenstripe, silvergray, and bocaccio rockfish. No other groundfish are allowed and offshore longleader fishing trips cannot be combined with traditional bottomfish, flatfish or halibut trips.

Both halibut and ocean salmon fishing are now closed.

The Friday and Saturday after Thanksgiving are Free Fishing Days in Oregon – days you don’t need a license or tag to fish, crab or clam anywhere in the state open to fishing/crabbing/clamming. (Remember, all other rules and regulations apply.)

With the recent winter storm, roads may be treacherous and waterbodies may be freezing over, especially at higher elevations. Be sure to check on conditions before heading out.

Trout and summer steelhead are both open on the upper Rogue, and anglers continue to have good luck catching summer steelhead.

While access permits, Howard Prairie, Fish Lake or Hyatt still remain great fishing opportunities for trout, especially from pontoons or kayaks.

2019 Stocking schedule and Stocking Maps

SW Washington –  From the WDF&W web site, November 19th.

For regulation updates, go HERE.

Fishery Updates

No update this week, but for the November 19th report, GO HERE.