Oregon Fisheries Update July 8th, 2016

Willamette Valley – During a time when summer Chinook abundance at Bonneville should be peaking, numbers seem to be lagging right now. Catches mimic passage, in that action for both boat and bank anglers has been fair at best in the Columbia River Gorge. Action typically starts to taper after the 1st week of July but only time will tell. Summer steelhead numbers are starting to climb and action should begin to pick up dramatically, especially if water temperatures remain in check. Sockeye numbers remain good.

The ODFW is confident that springers are still being caught on the lower Willamette River although TGF has been unable to confirm. Shad and sturgeon? That’s a different story. Those you can catch.

McKenzie level and flow will be little affected by rainfall which is forecast to fall over the next several days. It is expected to fish well.

The Santiams are stable, and. With the exception of the slightest bump in levels on the North Santiam, will not rise due to rainfall. Fishing is fair to good.

While there will be little physical effect from showers, the Clackamas is expected to benefit from cooler weather and a bit of fresh water. It is expected to produce steelhead.

Pro Guide Jeff Stoeger (503-704-7920) of O2BFISHN Guide Service reports that the sandy has fish with room on the lower river if the rain shows up as predicted for the sunbathers won’t show up!

Northwest Oregon – Columbia River in-river salmon trollers continue to come back to the dock disappointed. You shoulda been here last year. Offshore trollers however are producing good catches SW of the river mouth, mostly for coho. Chinook are scarce, even along the historically productive Long Beach Peninsula. It seems more like a normal year this year.

Tuna is all the rage out of northern ports with most anglers reporting the best catches in years. Good numbers of tuna were reported 28 to 35 miles west of Astoria on Wednesday, it’s going to be a banner albacore year.

Bottomfishing is slowing along the south jetty out of Hammond

Sturgeon fishing remains productive in the lower Columbia estuary, they are a bit more spread out however. Fresh anchovies remain the bait of choice but reserve by 2:00 p.m. by calling World Class Fishing at (503) 741-1407.

Sport boats out of Garibaldi reported good catches of Chinook in the ocean near the mouth of Nehalem Bay. Nehalem itself should start to see some returning adults with the peak closer to the end of the month. Coho are a bit scarce but the few that anglers are finding, appear to be in great shape.

Nearshore halibut is predictably hit-or-miss. Sport angler Ed Hoelz of Oregon City reported a 35 pounder in about 90 foot of water off of the mouth of the Nehalem. Ed reported that crabbing was also productive and a good percentage of the keepers were in hard-shell shape.

Precipitation and cloud cover this weekend may bolster salmon, steelhead and cutthroat trout fishing on north Oregon streams. Only slight river rises are in the forecast however.

Central & South Coast Reports – The Annual Oregon Rockfish Classic takes place at Depoe Bay on Saturday, July 9th, when anglers will be fishing from kayaks.

It’s time and the Pacific Ocean off the Oregon coast is the place! Tuna are being caught out of most south coast ports with many choosing Charleston. This is a sport requiring special 3equipment and knowledge. Know before you go.

Pete Heley, an Oregon author, publisher and blogger (peteheley,com) reports from Reedsport that Salmon fishing has been improving for anglers launching out of Winchester Bay. Limits of salmon have been taken by boats this week with Chinook up to 20 pounds.

As waters in the lower Rogue River are running quite low, clear and warm, trollers are taking the first fall Chinook in the bay. Fishing on the middle Rogue is poor but somewhat better in the upper river.

Boats launching out of the Port of Brookings have been making good catches of rockfish, ling cod and salmon.

Trout fishing has been good at Diamond Lake for those using bait. It’s been slower for trollers.

Central & Eastern – Lower Deschutes trout anglers have been hooking fair numbers of redsides with fish responding well to certain fly patterns.

Trout anglers on Fall River are expected to do well as the ODFW has been planting here regularly.

Paulina has been producing fine numbers of kokanee with best results coming to those who fish early in the day.

Kokanee catches have remained good at popular Odell Lake. Both trolling and jigging have been producing recently.|

Green Peter has continued to produce lots and lots of small kokanee. Then again, it we don’t catch the little ones, we’ll never have big ones.

SW Washington – District anglers are most likely to continue to focus on the mainstem Columbia River, especially as we enter peak season for summer steelhead. Cooler air and water temperatures are likely to keep them on the bite.

Both bank and boat anglers working the Cowlitz River are scoring better numbers of summer steelhead. Some spring Chinook remain available but the quality will begin to degrade.

The Kalama remains poor for summer steelhead and won’t likely improve.

The Drano Lake fishery is not producing good numbers either, despite improving passage at Bonneville Dam.

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