Oregon Fishing Reports for Oct 14th

Willamette Valley/Metro – Hey! Have you heard? There’s a storm coming! In the coming week, waters of the lower Willamette will rise, become muddy and fill with Debris. This will be an unsafe time to be out there in a boat so wait until conditions improve.

While the McKenzie can be a fun and productive winter trout fishery at times, this is not one of those times.

Commonly, the North and South Santiam rivers don’t rise and fall similarly. That will not be the case over the next several days as the North, South and mainstem Santiams are gonna blow.

Water level and flow at Clackamas River a rocketing skyward today as they warm up to really get busy with the increase over the coming weekend. There are steelhead and coho in the system.

In his regular weekly report on the Sandy River, Pro fishing guide Jeff Stoeger of O2BFISHN Guide Service (503-704-7920) is cautiously optimistic. There will be plenty of water over the next few days but it is hoped that fish enter as well.

Columbia fishing report – with the wicked weather on tap for this weekend, anglers are less than excited about fishing.

Catch rates continue to slow down with the best action remaining in the Bonneville stretch.

Anglers will start to find more dark fish in the catch, and the run size will likely continue to be downgraded in the next couple of weeks

This season will effectively be over after this weekend. That’s assuming people remain motivated to fish.

Northcoast fishing report – anglers have folded up for the weekend. The forecasted weather system seems to be coming to fruition, which makes for a poor forecast for weekend trollers.

It is likely that those participating in the weekend fishery will call it quits for the foreseeable future.

The rain system will swell local area Tillamook county rivers, but action should pick up by early next week. Look for more detail in the full section of The Guide’s Forecast.

don’t count on action to improve this week, the season on the mainstem Columbia is about to wind up.

Anglers won’t be that excited to participate in the fishery, Given the weather forecast that is approaching this reach.

This will be a good week to take off, as inclement weather and strong winds will likely put people off from being motivated to harvest mainstem Columbia River chinook salmon.

Anglers will continue to struggle to find fresh salmon in the next couple of weeks.

Southwest – Wherever you fish this weekend, there will be too much water and way too much winds at times. Please exercise caution and good judgement. Even those of us who dedicate our lives to fishing know that it’s just a fish. You might believe in yourself (a little) given how really crummy conditions are going to be into the coming week.

Siltcoos Lake, where trolling for wild coho is allowed, has been poor lately but regulars say there’s a chance it’ll pick up.

The Coquille River is one which has been productive over past seasons for Chinook although it’s been slow lately.

The last round of rainfall in the Gold Beach area did a fairly good job of stalling the Rogue Bay troll fishery. There are still some coho around but most are wild and must be released. Half-pounders are attracting the most attention form fly casters in the Agness stretch. With little action in the Grants Pass stretch, only the occasional colored Chinook is being landed. Action has slowed for fly fishers on the upper Rogue.

Local anglers who devoutly fish the Elk River whenever sufficient water is flowing to allow for that activity. These anglers are anxiously awaiting rainfall.

Trout fishing at Diamond Lake has been hot and cold. The fingerlings planted this spring are already six to eight inches long.

Is there anything to do this weekend if all the rivers are blown?


Eastern – The Deschutes has been muddy periodically with the White River contributing every so often to the lower section. Wait it out.

As the water cools at Crane Prairie Reservoir, trout will be in the deepest parts of the lake.

The Metolius is often considered one of those places which will fish at any time of the year and is challenging anytime.

Fly fishers tell us that East Lake has been fishing well.

This week, kokanee fingerlings were planted at Detroit Lake. These are the fish will be catching next year.

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