Soapbox Update February 8th, 2018

Three things that you can do for fish this weekend:

Bring your dull knives to the Bi-Mart booth, where the Kershaw crew is sharpening Kershaw knives for FREE, and all other knives for just $2.00 each. The proceeds for this service are donated to the Association of Northwest Steelheaders! HOW COOL IS THAT? Thank you Bi-Mart and Kershaw, the Steelheaders certainly appreciate your generosity, and your superior service and products!

Come to the Steelheader’s booth at 1412 or 487 and sign the petition to address the crisis in our watersheds as it pertains to pinniped predation. You can also buy your raffle tickets for a trip to Alaska or to win this year’s ClackaCraft driftboat. All while supporting one of the region’s most treasured and respected fishing organizations. Of course you can also take a short-cut, and just sign the petition HERE. Memberships are also available, why wouldn’t you? We’re going to Washington DC on your behalf, to walk the halls of Congress to ensure the sea lion legislation passes!

Come check out the newest line of rods hitting the region by storm. Although Al Noraker’s KastKing Krome series rods for salmon and steelhead is already catching fish, they’re now in production and not available for purchase. That changes in 45 days however. That doesn’t mean you can’t see what we’re all about in the KastKing booth, including a chance to win one of 30 rods we’re giving away at the show. You won’t get over the value of this rod, for the components put into this rod so come to BOOTH 277 to see the full line, and hear our story. In the meantime, you can view our first “KastKing Krush” that took place on the Wilson River just this Monday (2/5) by seeing what the KastKing Krome strike tip rod can do on some quality broodstock steelhead! If these rods don’t impress you, especially the price-point for their quality, you’re missing something. KastKing isn’t just the new face on the block, they’ve already committed to stocking the pond at this year’s Family Fish Camp. Thanks to KastKing and the Tom McCall Chapter of the NW Steelheaders, kids and their families will have a pond full of trout to catch! We’re all doing good things for fish!

Webinar Driftboating and bank fishing the Wilson River with Pro Guide Bob Rees January 20th