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Rogue River Springers Remain Challenging

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Rogue River bay is starting to put out some chinook for anglers trolling anchovies. 6/24/20

West Fork Millicoma and other streams in the Elliott State Forest are a good place to fish for coastal cutthroat trout with lots of public access. The streams are full of smaller trout but the bigger trout are typically in the more difficult places to access. 6/24/20

July is prime time for spring Chinook salmon in the upper Rogue River (Gold Hill to Cole Rivers Hatchery). The run is small this year, regulations are specific to which zone of the river you fish, so plan to seek out an experienced local guide for your best odds. 6/24/20

The Rogue River and tributaries above Lost Creek Reservoir should be a good place to target trout throughout the summer. Trout are stocked weekly from Memorial Day through Labor Day. Target calmer pools and pocket water for resting trout. 6/24/20

Summer steelhead are starting to pick up in the Rogue. There are still good trout fishing opportunities in the upper Rogue between the McGregor Fishing Access and Shady Cove. Only adipose fin clipped trout and steelhead may be harvested this time of year on the Rogue. 7/8/20

Smallmouth bass fishing has been good throughout the South Fork, Middle Fork and mainstem Coquille river. Smallmouth bass are biting on worms in the mainstem Coquille River while taking small crankbaits and spinners on the South Fork and Middle Fork. There are no daily bag limits or length limits on bass in the Coquille River. 

Fishing for striped bass in the lower Coquille River has been spotty.  Anglers are trying several different techniques like fishing anchovies on the bottom of the river or by drifting and casting crankbaits.  There are no daily bag limits or length limits on striped bass.   

Anglers are reporting catching shad on the Coquille River near the town of Coquille. 

Bottomfishing is now open to fish at all depths. Fishing for lingcod has been good when anglers can get out on the ocean. The daily bag limit for marine fish is 5 of which only one can be a copper, quillback or China rockfish. Anglers are also allowed 2 lingcod per day. The harvest of 1 cabezon per day as part of your general marine fish daily limit of 5 fish opens on July 1.

Anglers are also allowed 2 lingcod per day.

Anglers are starting to troll the Rogue bay for Chinook with some success. As long as water temperatures in the river continue to stay high, Chinook numbers will build in the estuary and fishing will only get better. As usual, the best bait is an anchovy.

Current river flows are reported by the gage in Agness on the USGS website. Note that this gage is above the Illinois River mouth and does not account for that additional water flow.

Beginning July 1, wild Chinook salmon may be harvested from the Rogue Mouth, all the way up to Dodge Bridge. Summer steelhead should be starting to show in the Middle Rogue, however, it is still early in the run.

Boaters floating from Hog Creek to Graves Creek should be familiar with the rapids in this section of river, and know their takeouts. Locals would recommended against floating through Hellgate Canyon if flows are over 5,000 cfs. Experienced oarsmen/woman are recommended here. There are many BLM public access points to bank fish from Hog Creek to Graves Creek. This is often referred to the “Galice area.”

There is excellent bank access in this section of the river. Much of this is managed by the BLM. 

Ghost shrimp and eggs are great bets, or fishing a wobbler through a hole are good techniques for salmon. Sardine wrapped plugs in migration lanes will also work. Eggs should be wrapped in netting to avoid the tenacious non-local Umpqua pikeminnow

Locally-owned and operated tackle stores in Grants Pass have excellent gear and very fresh bait that is specific to the Rogue and to your particular technique. Go check them out and offer them support during this time.

Gold Hill to Rogue river is a popular float for Chinook, but there are a few rapids in the beginning of this float. Staying left is a good rule of thumb, just watch for bedrock!

It is illegal to snag and keep a snagged fish, whether it’s wild or hatchery!  Report violations to Oregon State Police by calling *OSP.

No non-adipose fin clipped Chinook salmon may be harvested upstream of Dodge Bridge at any point in the year.  As of July 1, Chinook salmon can be harvested from the Rogue mouth, upstream to Dodge Bridge.

All public boat ramps and public access points are currently open on the upper Rogue, except the “hatchery hole,” which encompasses the area from Cole Rivers blocker dam to 1,200 feet downstream.

Very good trout fishing can still be had from Rogue Elk upstream to Cole Rivers Hatchery Check out some of the local fly shops and their websites for good tactics. Trout anglers are especially encouraged to harvest adipose fin clipped trout in this reach of river. 

Anglers targeting spring Chinook should consider going with a local guide. There are fish being caught right now. Only hatchery spring Chinook can be retained from Dodge Bridge upstream to Cole Rivers hatchery from now through July 31. 

Fishing a sardine wrapped plug, or back-bouncing eggs, tipped with ghost shrimp are good bets right now. The fresher the bait the better. Large wobblers can be fished in deep holes right now by back rowing upstream, starting at the riffle tailout and working upriver.

For week of 7/1/2020, 48 new summer steelhead entered the hatchery, bringing the total to 121 fish for the year; it is still very early in the run. For spring Chinook salmon, 225 new fish entered the hatchery, bringing the total to 1,060 fish for the year, one of the lowest to date totals on record.