SW Oregon Fishing Report

With avid angler Tim Moran going in for knee surgery this week, we’re getting our info from ODF&W this week. Let’s hope recovery goes quickly for Tim!

3 places to catch trout this weekend:

  • Fishing at Floras and Garrison lakes continues to be good. 6/24/20
  • The higher elevation lakes along Hwy 140 such such as Fish Lake and Four Mile Lake, Willow Lake near town of Butte Falls, or Howard and Hyatt in the Rogue, offer scenic and more tranquil fishing experiences. Howard Prairie currently has all bag limits for all game fish being suspended due to low water. 6/24/20
  • Diamond Lake continues to produce good numbers of trout including some larger than 20 inches. 7/15/20

Where water temperatures have gotten warm enough, fishing for bass and other warmwater species has been improving.

Water temperatures for many of the area lakes in the Coos, Coquille, Tenmile District are in the lower 70s. Largemouth bass and bluegills are in their summer patterns, which means fishing will be best in the mornings and late evenings.     

Places to fish for bass this week:

  • Anglers wishing to catch some bass can consider Garrison or Floras Lakes. These lakes don’t have large populations, so anglers will have to work to get a bite. 6/24/20
  • Places like Ford’s Pond and Cooper Creek Reservoir remain good options for bass.  7/15/20
  • Bass fishing at Lost Creek and Emigrant has been very good. Lost Creek will be great through August. On Lost Creek, target the submerged flats and points, where the years of willow planting and habitat enhancement by local bass clubs pay off this time of the year! On Emigrant, target the points with plastics or Texas-rigged nightcrawlers.  7/15/2020
  • The South Umpqua is a great place to fish for smallmouth bass.  There is no limit on this species here and fishing can be fantastic. 7/8/20
  • Summer Steelhead fishing is a great time in the North Umpqua. Fly anglers have been hitting it hard for a chance at these fun fish. 7/15/20


Anglers have a couple options for fishing on south coast streams and rivers. Anglers looking for spring Chinook should start look to the Rogue. Summer steelhead should be in both the Rogue and North Umpqua.

Anglers wishing a little solitude can walk one of the smaller coastal creeks fly- or spinner fishing for coastal cutthroat. Water temperatures are still good in most small to medium-size streams, but conditions may change as the summer progresses and water levels drop and temperatures warm.

All tributaries to larger river systems such as the Rogue, Applegate and Illinois are closed to fishing, unless noted in the regulations exceptions section of the SW Zone.

Rivers and streams to fish this week:

  • Rogue River bay is starting to put out some chinook for anglers trolling anchovies. 6/24/20
  • Anglers reported good trout fishing on the West Fork Millicoma and other streams in the Elliott State Forest over the weekend. Most of the trout caught are under 8 inches long but there is an occasional bigger fish spotted.   7/15/20
  • July is prime time for spring Chinook salmon in the upper Rogue River (Gold Hill to Cole Rivers Hatchery). The run is small this year, regulations are specific to which zone of the river you fish, so plan to seek out an experienced local guide for your best odds. 6/24/20
  • The Rogue River and tributaries above Lost Creek Reservoir should be a good place to target trout throughout the summer. Trout are stocked weekly from Memorial Day through Labor Day. Target calmer pools and pocket water for resting trout. Stocking sites are from Woodroof all the way upstream to Minnehaha Creek. 7/15/2020
  • Summer steelhead are starting to pick up in the Rogue as 112 swam into the hatchery last week. It’s a bit slower than the last four years, but it is still early in the run. Only adipose fin-clipped trout and steelhead may be harvested this time of year on the Rogue. Fly anglers should choose darker flies this time of year.  Gear folks can do excellent drifting nightcrawlers, get started early on a “bug and bubble”, or plugs from a drift boat.  7/15/2020
  • Thanks to new temporary regulations in Coquille River system, anglers can now use bait, spears and spear guns to harvest smallmouth bass. This unique fishing opportunity is one of many efforts to reduce the impact of illegally introduced bass on Chinook populations. 7/15/20

If you’re looking for more information on a water body by water body basis, simply click over HERE.

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