SW Oregon Fishing Report for August 31st, 2018

From ODF&W

This weekend (Sept. 1-2) is a Free Fishing Weekend in Oregon when no license, tag or endorsement is needed to fish, crab and clam anywhere in Oregon that’s open to fishing. As an angler, you know how much fun fishing is. This is a great weekend to share that fun with others.

Several area waterbodies are scheduled to be stocked the week of Aug. 27 – just in time for some holiday fishing. They include Red Top Lake, Clearwater Bay 2, Rogue above Lost Creek Reservoir, Marie Lake, Cooper Creek Reservoir, Lemolo Reservoir, Bowman Pond, Lake in the Woods, Ben Irving Reservoir and Hemlock Lake.


A number of fire closures are in effect near various southwest water bodies. ODFW personnel have done their best to compile the most up to date closures for specific angling destinations below. However, due to dynamic fire behavior, situations can change and anglers should consult with web links and phone numbers, and response agencies before they decide to visit.

Salmon fishing is open from Cape Falcon to Humbug Mountain with a limit of two salmon per day. The fin-clipped coho season opened on June 30 and will be open until Sept. 3 or attaining the quota of 35,000 fin-clipped coho. As of August 19, there is 70 percent of the quota remaining. Salmon anglers have been catching lots of coho outside of Charleston and Winchester Bay but the majority of the coho are wild and need to be released. The non-selective Coho season for Cape Falcon to Humbug Mountain will start on Sept 7-8.

From Humbug Mountain to the OR/CA border, salmon fishing is open with a limit of two salmon per day but no retention of coho.

The All-Depth halibut quota remaining is 42 percent as of Aug. 19. The next all-depth fishing days for the Central Coast will be Aug. 31-Sept 1. The Nearshore halibut season is open seven days a week and as of Aug. 19, there is 21 percent of the quota remaining.

For the southern Oregon Subarea, halibut is open 7 days a week through Oct. 31 or attaining the quota of 8,982 lbs. As of Aug. 19, there is 63 percent of the quota remaining.

The Chetco River mainstem is pretty warm. Adventurous anglers may be interested in exploring the tributaries for trout through the end of August. Trout fishing in streams above tidewater ends Aug. 31. The daily limit is 2 fish with an 8-inch minimum length. Rainbow trout over 16-inches are considered steelhead. The mainstem below tidewater is open for trout fishing through Oct. 31.

On the Coos Bay River Basin streams and rivers are open to trout fishing. Trout fishing in streams and rivers is slow to due to low water conditions. Anglers can use only artificial flies and lures in streams above tidewater. The daily limit for trout in streams is 2 fish per day and they must be 8-inches or longer.

Salmon anglers have been trolling the lower Coquille River from Bandon to Rocky Point Boat Ramp. Overall fishing has been slow but an occasional salmon and striped bass have been caught while trolling a cut plug herring. Salmon fishing will pick up in the next few weeks.

Smallmouth bass fishing continues to be very good on the mainstem Coquille River, South Fork Coquille, and Middle Fork Coquille rivers. Smallmouth are hitting on crankbaits, jigs and bait. There is no size limit or daily bag limit on the number of smallmouth bass you can keep in the Coquille River Basin.

Streams and rivers are open to trout fishing. Trout fishing in streams and rivers is slow to due to low water conditions. Anglers can use only artificial flies and lures in streams above tidewater, except the use of bait is allowed on the South Fork Coquille up to the Forest Service boundary upstream of Powers. The daily limit for trout in streams is 2 fish per day and they must be 8-inches or longer.

Fishing continues to be good at Diamond Lake. Most anglers are taking home fish averaging 15-inches and we are starting to see more 17-inch or larger fish in creel surveys. Trolling seems to be the most effective technique, but using bait or flies has also been showing positive results.

Anglers are continuing to catch largemouth bass, crappie, and bluegills from the fishing dock and along the weed lines in Eel Lake. Fishing is typically the best in the mornings before the wind starts blowing in the afternoons.

Water clarity in Fish Lake has improved but some algae still remain. Fish Lake is a welcome retreat from the warmer temperatures in the Rogue Valley. Bank anglers have been doing well near the resort and day use picnic tables. Doe Point is quite marshy.

Tiger trout, Chinook salmon, brook trout, and larger rainbow trout are available. Larger tiger trout can be targeted by casting lures or streamer flies around a structure, but remember that tiger trout must be immediately released unharmed. Anglers are encouraged to report their catch of tiger trout to fish district staff at 541-826-8774.

Lemolo can be a good option for fishing during hot weather and recent reports indicate brown and rainbow trout fishing has been good. Kokanee in Lemolo are considered trout and therefore fall under the daily limit for trout of 5 per day with only one of those measuring over 20-inches. Contact Lemolo Lake Resort at 541-957-8354 for weather/road conditions and additional information.


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