Oregon Salmon Fishing Trips

The state continues to draw anglers from around the world as a destination place for recreational Oregon salmon fishing trips.

If you are looking at Oregon to fulfill desires of plentiful salmon and steelhead fishing trips you came to the right place!  Oregon salmon and steelhead runs will delight all fishermen from all age groups with so many locations and times of year to select from.

Salmon fishing is most successfully pursued in the lower river estuary near Astoria, Oregon.  August and September are peak fishing months for returning salmon in Oregon.

The excitement is in the air and for those interested in participating in Oregon salmon fishing trips, advanced reservations are advised!

Oregon Sturgeon Fishing Trips

Oregon sturgeon fishing will be some of the most exciting fishing that you will ever experience!

When discussing Oregon sport fishing, you cannot exclude our famous Oregon sturgeon fishing trips.  These prehistoric fish have really made a name for themselves providing an excellent sport opportunity in the Columbia River.  Both the Oregon and Washington sides of the Columbia are productive for fishing when targeting the great sturgeon.

Sturgeon are becoming known for their awesome fighting ability and their delicious taste.  While controversial at times, this stable and healthy population of sturgeon, the Columbia River is the nation’s premier sturgeon fishing grounds, and we have just the guides to help you locate these feisty fishes!

On a typical Oregon sturgeon fishing trip, it is common to achieve multiple hook ups.  With 12 to 40 sturgeon/day for a boat of 4 anglers at times and limits of sturgeon for everyone on board when allowed.  These trips are exciting!

More Sturgeon Facts

It is common for sturgeon in the Columbia River to live longer than we do!  Sometimes even over 100 years old!  Sturgeon that are located downstream from Bonneville Dam, usually grow about 3 inches per year.  Male sturgeon will mature when they are around 4 feet, which would make a 4ft sturgeon about 13 or 14 years old.  Female sturgeon will mature around 6ft, putting them at the ripe old age of 24 to 26 years of age.  Spawning occurs typically when water velocity has peaked and that reaches an average temperature of 46 to 50 degrees, which usually happens in late spring.  Tagging is an important part of research that directly affects the fishing industry.  Researchers are able to determine abundance, harvest rates, and migration patterns.  Some tagged sturgeon have been located as far north as Prince Rupert in British Columbia and as far south as Sacramento River in California.

Please note that, by law, all oversized sturgeon are to be kept in the water to prevent internal injuries.

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