Oregon's 10 best opportunities in 2021 with Bob Rees

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Pro Guide Bob Rees will walk through the best opportunties for 2021

What you will learn...

  • Where to go to maximize your success
  • When the most opportune times will be
  • What success could look like for you
  • And much more, including a Q & A session, where no question is off limits!

Why Register

Based on returning adults and jacks from the 2020 season, coupled with ocean productivity during the saltwater phase of our salmon, biologists can often predict how the upcoming sportfisheries will perform for the sport fleet.


Based on over 30 years of experience tracking these fisheries, Pro Guide Bob Rees will outline some of the strongest fisheries anglers will have an opportunity to take advantage of in 2021. Bob will give his insight on the best tides to pick, water conditions to look for, and run timing of Oregon’s most popular salmon runs.

You’ll come away from this webinar prepared for 2021

Don’t miss this opportunity to catch more fish

Seminar starts at 7:00 p.m. on Tuesday, January 5th.

The event will be recorded, and a link will be sent out to participants so that they can view the recording if they were missed or want to see some part of the recording again.

Bob Rees

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