#15 Brining and Preserving Baitfish_Prawns_and_Eggs


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Curing is the process of preserving bait for future use. There are many different ways to cure bait, as no one seems to follow the same recipe. This technical report will cover the preserving process for baitfish, prawns and eggs when used as bait for salmon and steelhead. You can use tips in this technical report to make modifications to your process or adopt them fully. These techniques work and if you are willing to dedicate the time to take care of these baits, it will usually pay off in success. The curing process often draws a lot of the moisture out of the bait, which will slow the deterioration process. When water is taken out of the process, properly frozen baits can fish as effectively as fresh baits. You can also take advantage of the curing process by adding color or scent to your baits making them a better bait for presentation.