Bobber Fishing


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Pro guide Scott Amerman has followed in the footsteps of his dad, producing regular results when salmon fishing on the north coast. Scott details some of the intricacies of tidewater fishing as well as other tried strategies when pursuing our region’s most sought after species using the bobber technique.

Technique & Target: Bobber fishing for salmon. 4 pages.

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This special archived article from STS and hand selected by The Guide’s Forecast is only available here.

Being really good at bobber-fishing is no different than being really good at any other type of fishing. There are many little things that you do just a little differently than everyone else to take you from being an okay or good fisherman to being the best at what you do.

In my last article about bobber-fishing I talked about the importance of matching bobber size to the water and fishing technique and letting the fish have a chance to take the bait before you pull it away from them. That is a great place to start your bobberfishing skills. Now I would like to get a little more in depth…….