Buoy 10 Chinook Fishing: Lower Columbia River anglers are coming into some of the best opportunities we’ve seen in many years, for abundant returns of fall Chinook and coho in 2021. Anglers are becoming more efficient in catching these estuary salmon, but there are still numerous tricks and tips that will bolster your catch success out and around Buoy 10.

Recorded on July 21st, 2021 at 7:00 p.m.

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Just a note of “thanks”. The seminar was once again, very informative and thorough. The amount of detail that was covered far exceeded what would normally be expected for a seminar that is so reasonably priced……an outstanding value!

“Great information, very relevant to the season, species, tackle considerations and water conditions that have already helped catch fish. Worth every penny and the Rees brothers provide a great webinar experience from the guides perspective that can be hard to find these days.”

“The Guides Forecast webinars are a great tool for increasing knowledge of local fishing locations and techniques. The presentations are thorough, and the host always does a great job getting to everyone’s questions.”

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In this webinar, Buzz and Bob will cover the Buoy 10 and ocean fishery including:

  • When should you focus your efforts for the Buoy 10 fishery in 2021
  • What strategies are most effective over the course of the Buoy 10 fishery
  • What areas of the estuary produce best at what times of the tide and season
  • Proven techniques that produce consistent catches