Buoy 10 Recorded Webinar and Successfully Fishing Buoy 10 for Chinook and Coho Salmon Tech Report


The recorded webinar and UPDATED 32-page, 13,656 word technical report supersedes the 2002 original version. Packed with 24 years of professional fishing guide experience, you’ll find this tech report the most important piece of equipment in your tackle box. Couple this technical report up with our Buoy 10 webinar and you’ll be a deadly weapon for the Buoy 10 fishery.


As with all of our products, if you don’t find this the most informative piece of literature to help you catch more fish, we’ll give you a 100% refund on your purchase. Who’s willing to offer you that kind of guarantee?


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The Oregon fishing technical report series describes years of tested techniques, proven to take significant catches of salmon, steelhead and sturgeon. These 20 reports were written exclusively by Professional Oregon Fishing Guide Bob Rees. Not only has he been guiding anglers professionally since 1991 but he also has 7 seasonal years with the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife giving him a unique insight into the finer details that make up our great Northwest fisheries.

The webinar was recorded on August 4, 2020

Customer Feedback

Lawrence N. – “I want to thank you for your good work in the webinar. I worked my plan and it payed dividends in a big way. Six fish on, one double both caught, five fish in the boat, 1 hen and 4 bucks all between 25 and 30 pounds. I’m gonna try and do it again tomorrow. Again, thanks so much.”

Blaine A. – “We used the new toothpick method to bait our anchovies and we scored two nice matching Chinook at 18 lbs. each off the wing dams on the Washington side early this morning. We got back to West Basin by 9:30 AM.  Thanks to you both for the good advice in the webinar.”

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