Current Seams


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Author Chris Ellis describes the value of targeting our quarry on current seams and other noteworthy river features. Chris explores the different techniques that are effective when targeting fish in these features, not to be overlooked in a day’s pursuit of salmon or steelhead.

Technique & Target: Steelhead fishing in current seams. 2 pages.

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This special archived article from STS and hand selected by The Guide’s Forecast is only available here.

My uncle Tom said, “By cracky nohow, I think this is where that ol’ boy said we oughtta fish,” as we looked out over an unfamiliar river and studied the sketch that he’d made on a scrap of paper. “This is where he said to park, and that rock looks about the size of a car, don’t it? Yep, this here’s the place.”

The hole he’d been told about didn’t amount to much—a little falls dumped into the head of the hole, stacked up a little bit on some boulders, and then riffled out for 30 feet or so before gradually widening into a deep stretch of frog water. But between the edge of the riffles and the casting station was a trough about eight feet deep moving at a slow walk. This little seam just begged for a cast…….