Do-It-Yourself: Build Your Own Bumper Leaders 20-pack


Purchasing bumper leaders at retail is EXPENSIVE! Now, you can make your own with the 3 critical components you need to build the essential leaders for trolling 360 and regular flashers. These bumper leaders reduce line twist and create a solid connection to your mainline, reducing the chances of losing expensive gear!


You have enough raw materials to make 20 bumpers, with a few extra components in case you mess up. You get: 40 six-bead chain swivels ($39.95 retail), 42 aluminum sleeves ($2.70 retail) and twenty-one 26″, 200 lb test leaders ($9.54 retail) to make enough leaders to last you an entire season! All for the low price of $36.95 for regular customers, or JUST $18.27 (51% OFF) if you’re a PAID MEMBER of The Guide’s Forecast. Thanks for being a member!


You can view how to make these bumpers by visiting our YouTube Channel HERE



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  1. I am trying to purchase the bumper leaders and have paid for the report and class but cannot load it into the cart. Please advise.

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