Fall Salmon Success


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Veteran outdoor writer Steve Hanson details fall salmon techniques including bobber fishing, trolling baits and backtrolling plugs. Steve has written extensively on how to improve your odds and has packed a whole bunch of credible information into this article.

Technique & Target: Various techniques for fall Chinook. 2 pages.

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This special archived article from STS and hand selected by The Guide’s Forecast is only available here.

This summer brought the worst Northwest drought and heat waves in memory. Unless we get cooler, wet weather, catching fall salmon in large inland rivers and coastal river tidewater areas could be challenging. Fortunately there are many strategies and presentations which can help put odds back in your favor.

Anglers are already using September tactics for catching Columbia River summer chinooks (as of this writing in early summer). Seventy-degree water temps in the lower river have people using wobblers in the slightly cooler 30- to 50-foot depths, and it’s producing fish while anchored on the outgoing tides, particularly from the I-5 Bridge on down river. Smaller bead-body spinners and Kwikfish type plugs are catching them from I-5 up to the Bonneville Dam fishing deadline……