Full Meal Deal for the Winter Steelheader 10mm BnR soft beads – 30 pack



Soft beads have become a steelheader favorite when side-drifting, bobber-dogging or driftfishing, and for good reason, they work!


Use these 10mm soft beads in more clear water, the smaller profile will attract bites from a long ways away to CATCH YOU MORE FISH!


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BnR soft beads are a premier offering for NW Steelheaders and trout fishermen. These size 10mm soft beads in colors natural, creamsicle and pearl pink will quickly become your go-to bait for this winter’s steelhead return. This kit includes 10 beads of each color, along with 30 bronze, size 2 VMC hooks, 30 T-stops so you can peg your soft bead in its perfect position and a 150 yard spool of KastKing’s premium Fluorokote 12 lb test fluorocarbon monofilament leader material. This kit is the prefect package that will last you for a good portion of your steelhead season.

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