Spinner Blades: The Guide’s Top Picks


TGF is the exclusive online dealer for Fatal Flash Blades. That’s right, the spinner blade that’s been the hit of the Buoy 10 Challenge for many recent years. We’ve chosen to carry  some of the top colors for you to match up with your pre-made spinner rigs that will help you catch more fish! Fatal Flash’s coveted design collects the light before flashing it to a nearby salmon. This is the reason why so many NW salmon anglers have gone with Fatal Flash over the last decade. Pick your favorite colors and we’ll get them out the door for you to fish in just days!


Just place how many of which colors you want in the order comment box, and we’ll get them out to you!


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1 – Chartreuse/green dot brass back

2 – 1/2 Chartreuse/blue dot, 1/2 candy green, copper back

3 – 1/2 Chartreuse/red dot, 1/2 candy green, copper back

4 – 1/2 Chartreuse, 1/2 candy green, blue tip, silver back

5 – 1/2 Chartreuse, 1/2 gold, red tip, silver back

6 – 1/2 white, 1/2 brass, red dot, silver back

7 – White, red tip, reversed on back (red top, white tip)

8 – Red/White, brass back

9 – Gold, red tip, reversed on back (red top, silver tip)

10 – Red top, red tip, copper middle, copper back

11 – Herring edge, silver back

12 – Black nickel (front and back)

13 – 1/2 Brass, 1/2 silver, same on back

14 – Rainbow, brass back

15 – 1/2 pink scale, 1/2 silver, pink dot, pink candy back


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