Super Wraps Article from Salmon Trout Steelhead


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Chuck Closterman gives anglers in insight as to how innovation breeds success. Anglers will learn trusted techniques and baits that have worked for this innovative fisherman, and how to apply these techniques to your next fishing success story.

Technique & Target: Wrapping plugs with bait for backtrolling, salmon fishing. 4 pages.

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This special archived article from STS and hand selected by The Guide’s Forecast is only available here.

As every salmon angler knows, chinook salmon are scent junkies, sensing as little as five parts per billion. When fishing for salmon, sardines make great wraps for Kwikfish and Mag-Lip plugs.  Salmon will jump a plug with a sardine wrap like a hungry dog on a pork chop. And back-bouncing eggs or using a diver and eggs can elicit a takedown that will rip a rod right out of your hand.

But, there are problems with both techniques, especially for us weekend warriors and beginners who still have to find time to work.  Find out how to be successful right here…….