Targeting the Travel Lanes


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Jason Brooks discusses proven techniques that target the travel lanes of salmon and steelhead. You have to fish where the fish are, why not learn from a trusted expert on how to find those locations?

Technique & Target: Fishing productive water and under what conditions. 4 pages.

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This special archived article from STS and hand selected by The Guide’s Forecast is only available here.

Behind us I saw another drift boat come around the corner in the pre-dawn light. I told the guys to reel-up and sit down as I pulled the anchor as fast as I could and began rowing downriver. I knew of a small cutout in the bank about a quarter mile downstream and wanted to get there before anybody else. About an hour earlier at the put-in we were the only boat launching so I figured we had some time to fish our way down. As the morning light illuminated the river other boats launched and the early morning race was on to each of our favorite holes.