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Oregon Fishing Beginner Course

We’ve come to realize we need to reach a broader audience of anglers, some not so experienced as the typical TGF subscriber. That’s why we’re introducing a beginner’s course for anglers.

We all started off as anglers targeting the not-so-challenging species to fill our need for success. Anglers eventually “graduate” to salmon, steelhead, sturgeon and other more challenging species but there’s a gateway species that introduces us to the sport we’ve all grown so passionate about.

Now, YOU can help an aspiring angler that you know, learn basics from the best! We’re in the process of assembling the right community of people to reach and teach the not-so-knowledgeable angler how to catch more fish, or how to catch their first fish for many people.

Just as we’ve taught the avid angler how to catch more fish, help us reach the next generation of anglers so they too, can understand why we do the things we do.

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