Unlocking the Secret to lucky Spinners


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Veteran spoon and spinner fisherman Jed Davis describes the fact that there are some spinners that outperform others. Although success certainly isn’t based on luck alone, looking for the gear that consistently produces results will teach an angler valuable lessons.

Technique & Target: Improve your spinner fishing techniques for salmon and steelhead. 3 pages.

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This special archived article from STS and hand selected by The Guide’s Forecast is only available here.

The year was 1983 and as summer steelhead season approached, I noticed that I needed more #3 Frenchtype blades. So I quickly ordered some to ensure an adequate supply. When I received them, I noticed that, in appearance, these new ones looked a little different from previous batches.

The originals were more tear-drop shaped whereas the new ones were more elongated. But the supplier was the same so I did not think about it much—until I got on the river. The newer ones were a touch less responsive and did not have that same……