SW Oregon Fishing Report

Avid angler Tim Moran reports:

 SW Oregon (Report from Rogue Valley Anglers)

Umpqua and Rogue Rivers-  Fishing has stayed pretty good on the Rogue, with the afternoons being better then the mornings due to rising water temps getting the steelhead more active. We are mostly running half or 3/4 day trips now, as it’s just not worth it to be out there at 8 AM. We have also seen some of our biggest summer steelhead start showing up like we always do later in the season. These big steelhead are mostly all wild, and just got back to the ocean in March after spawning last January/February so they are never in a hurry to jump back in the river. They wait till the river comes up so they can hopefully make a quick journey and get their spawning done.

We are starting to turn our attention to winter steelhead though, as they will start showing up in certain spots in decent numbers over the next few weeks. The mainstem Umpqua is always a good bet throughout December, and the coastal rivers will start seeing more fish by Christmas. The coastal rivers are a bit more finicky though, as those fish won’t be in a hurry to enter the river without rain. The Umpqua fish have a much longer journey, so they get started earlier. The Rogue won’t see many winter steelhead until at least January unless you are fishing below Agness. The Illinois should start seeing a decent number of fish in January, especially if we get some more rain.

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