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Weekend Itinerary for October 28th, 2016 sponsored by


Use these valuable coupons on your next visit to Tillamook County!

The rivers are pristine and ready to fish, the beaches are full of storm debris and dramatic clouds, and the businesses are warm and welcoming of your company. This week’s itinerary and coupon options are full of angling, natural adventure, and local expertise and abundance!

Whether you’re a proficient angler or new to the area, Josiah Darr is one of Tillamook County’s top young fishing guides. He’s energetic, knowledgeable, and successful at keeping his customers in fish. Josiah is jack-of-all-trades; besides guiding for Salmon and Steelhead on the Wilson, Trask, Nestucca and Nehalem Rivers, Josiah is a salesman for Clackacraft Drift Boats and a columnist for Salmon Trout Steelheader magazine. He has also made many television appearances hosting fishing shows such as Angler’s West and Grant’s Getaways, and a popular instructional DVD, Bobberdogging Bait and Beads. You can find his articles and videos all over the Internet. When fishing for steelhead on the Wilson and Trask Rivers, you can be assured you’ll be getting a hands-up lesson on the ins and outs of bobberdogging and have a fighting red hot coastal steelhead and chinook. Josiah is offering a very generous $50.00 off each seat for a full boat of three anglers. Don’t lose out on this opportunity — contact Josiah today.

Before your fishing trip, you can get all the gear you’ll need at Tillamook Bait Company before you head on down the river or to the marina. A hometown trusted favorite, Dennis and Marie Will at Tillamook Bait can not only sell you all the bait and tackle (and maybe some extra raingear), but you’ll also get in on the live stream report about fishing spots, tides, and bar conditions. Your coupon will get you half-price on one of Marie’s world famous fish-attracting scents so you can be sure to hook up with some fish.

Before or after your fishing trip, this weekend would also be a great one to head out with Tillamook Eco Adventures, here to cater to your more decadent tastes — and there’s a lot to taste in this bountiful county! Tillamook Eco Adventures, LLC, was founded by Brian Cameron, who grew up in the Tillamook County area and has extensively explored other parts of the Northwest and beyond. A natural guide as well as an environmental steward, Cameron created Tillamook Eco Adventures to fulfill the needs of the county’s burgeoning eco-tourism industry, with a commitment to show people the sights with as little impact as possible. Tillamook Eco Adventures offers an array of options that span from back-country forest tours, beach and bay interpretive hikes, waterfall tours, local dairy tours. and collaboration between other local eco-tourism ventures such as Kayak Tillamook. For this week, with your coupon that allows you to buy three seats and get one free, you’ll be able to round out your weekend exploration with a unique brewery and winery tour, attending on-site beer tastings in a variety of local breweries, each chosen to give you, the customer, the best experience. This tour, which last from 3-6 hours, depending on your needs, also has a souvenir pint-glass available for an additional $8; For those twenty-one and over only, please.

Finally, make sure to stop at some point in the weekend in for one of the heartiest, homemade meals in Central Tillamook County at Downie’s Café. The service is kind, the food is plentiful and satisfying, and the fresh pies are some of the best you’ll ever have. With a newly renovated seating area, Downie’s is a local favorite that is becoming so well known, pretty soon there’ll be lines out the door in the valley’s best brunch spots. At Downie’s you can have eggs as you like ‘em, crispy, meaty bacon, and a chicken-fried steak that’s known throughout the county. Check out Downie’s Café reviews on Yelp or just come on in and stay awhile. Your coupon will get you a whopping 20% your entire meal, so make sure to hook up with your whole party to enjoy this generous offer.

Have fun in Tillamook this weekend, or any weekend and be sure to check out the cache of coupons, some of which expire after this weekend, from our homepage or click here.!


Weekend Itinerary for October 21st, 2016 sponsored by


Use these valuable coupons on your next visit to Tillamook County!

We know the storms have been brewing strong this fall, so we’ve planned an itinerary that both celebrates Tillamook County history, culture, and local businesses, as well as keeps you warm, cozy, and well-informed. Maybe you’ll even pick up your own brew of coffee or local craftsmen beer.

After your windy drive in to Tillamook, you may find yourself thirsty and hungry, so a visit to the Blue Heron Cheese Factory right off Highway 101 on the main drag will satisfy your pangs. An Oregon-based company, the Blue Heron Cheese Factory is celebrating over 37 years in business in the Pacific Northwest with a deli and store that have something for everyone in the entire family, including sure-to-please Halloween décor and treats! While browsing their vast gift shop and waiting for your homemade meal consisting of hearty soups and fresh bread, you can sample the famous Blue Heron Brie, taste Oregon’s finest wines, or try a variety of local foods. There is also a fun petting farm for the kids to visit with sheep, goats, peacocks, ducks, and chicken. A real Tillamook County experience.

Then, to get a true feel for local lore, stop by the Tillamook County Pioneer Museum on Saturday, October 22 from 2 to 4 PM as they welcome local artist Laura Collins. Ms. Collins’ art exhibit “The Coast on Canvas” will be on display until November 27, 2016, and this is the perfect opportunity to meet the artist and discuss her work. If you haven’t been in to see her lovely paintings, this is a good chance to do so. Meet your friendly neighbors and enjoy refreshments at this Artist’s Reception. Then browse three floors of the museum’s local history of Tillamook County, which offers displays and education about the diversity of people who’ve called Tillamook County home, from the Tillamook Indians to Captain Gray, the museum is a living memorial to those who lived off the land for centuries and the variety of industries such as fishing, logging, hunting, and trapping that have come since. Housing a collection of over 35,000 items as well as 10,000 culturally-important photographs, TCPM offers a true range from the prehistoric specimens to the wonders of our modern day.

Before heading north from the city of Tillamook, make a stop Latimer Textile and Quilt Center. Use your buy one, get one free coupon to observe the making of community-and culturally important quilts as well as local yarns (we’re not talking fish tales here). From the types of wool, to the sheering, dying, and spinning, you can learn about how beautiful textiles get made from start to finish. You can also witness (and try your hand at) loom-weaving, as well as look around and enjoy many of the Quilt Center’s always-amazing featured and permanent displays. You may want to think ahead to upcoming holidays as well, because The Latimer Textile and Quilt Center has one of the most unique gift shops in all of Tillamook County.

Of course, you’ll need a place to stay while you’re exploring and fishing, so use your whopping 25% off coupon from The Sheltered Nook to make your stay in Tillamook County a unique and memorable one. The Sheltered Nook was way ahead of the “tiny home” game, realizing the elegance and eco-friendly economy of these cozy spaces for tourists like you who are here to explore Tillamook County’s bounty and beauty. The unit you’ll stay in can sleep 6, has a full kitchen, and Dee and Mark Harguth provide a “To Go” continental breakfast so you can head out the door for your next adventure early in the morning. For those of you bringing your own boat, there’s large area “off street” boat parking. The Nook is located in Bay City, just 5 minutes from the Garibaldi Marina, around the bay from Memaloose Boat Ramp, and just 400 feet from Kilchis Point Reserve, which provides guests with 2.5 miles of walking/running trails adjacent to gorgeous Tillamook Bay.

Coupons for October 21st, 2016

Weekend Itinerary for October 8th, 2016 sponsored by

Tillamook Coast

Have fun in Tillamook this weekend!

Tillamook County Coupons for the week of October 8th

Use these valuable coupons on your next visit to Tillamook County!

Your first stop on your Tillamook adventure is to Debbie D’s Sausauge Factory, right on Highway 101 north of downtown. You won’t be sure which meat products to pick up for your trip but you simply can’t go wrong with your choices. Debbie is likely to let you know how the fishing has been too since she has 26 years of experience producing these fine beef products. With your coupon, you’ll receive 15% off your purchase of $30.00 or more of products or services by clicking here. She has everything from jerky and smoked salmon to jams and mustards, and candy too! And following your successful fishing trip, you can stop on back by to have your fish filleted, vacuum packed and even shipped if necessary. She really offers the complete package, don’t pass this opportunity up!

Of course before you started your trip to Tillamook, you made your reservation at the Garibaldi House and Inn, one of Tillamook County’s  finest hotels. Hoteliers “Gene” and Carol Tish think of everything when it comes to your comfort. Hit the right night and it might be cioppino or pulled pork sliders. And the breakfast? Are you kidding me? They’ll also pack you a lunch that equals the weight of a small cement slab. Centrally located in downtown Garibaldi (also known as “Little Italy”), you’ll have access to local area shops and restaurants and just a short walk to the boat ramp if it’s not raining. Get 15% off your stay knowing that all your needs will be met at this establishment. You won’t have a problem referring your friends to the Garibaldi House! Your coupon is waiting here.

If you didn’t get filled up on Gene and Carol’s pulled pork sliders (save some for the other guests please), just jump across the street to the Hook, Line and Sinker Tavern to enjoy your free cup of chowder with the purchase of an entrée in this soon-to-be-world-famous quaint downtown pub. These folks offer excellent pub food and grog so you’re ready for your next day’s adventure in Tillamook County. Of course it’s a nice place to enjoy lunch too if you limit out early or get rained out of your adventure. You might even be lucky enough to catch a band here on a weekend night. There will be lots of fishermen here so you can get the day’s story so you’re prepared for your next fishing trip, where they’re biting and what they are biting on. It’s a great place to wind down after your full day adventure. Get your coupon here, to try your over-the-top clam chowder!

Finally, the Garibaldi Museum offers a different perspective on how this town came about. It’s a fascinating live storybook about the history of the area and who founded the treasures that now exist on the north Oregon coast. It’s a must see during your stay in Garibaldi and you and a guest can get in free and save 20% off of anything from the gift store if you utilize your coupon before the end of October. It’s the perfect reason to stay overnight, just to see what you’ve been missing on all your other trips to the north coast. Believe it or not, there’s more to do on the north coast than just fish and crab! Get this incredible value by clicking over here.

Have fun in Tillamook this weekend, or any weekend!

Enjoy our new partnership with Tillamook County local businesses!

We’ve joined forces with Visit Tillamook Coast to bring The Guide’s Forecast readers, their friends and family members, valuable coupons to use when heading to Tillamook to enjoy the incredible opportunities that exist in Oregon’s favorite coastal playground!

Every week, through our “Hooked on Tillamook” campaign, you’ll see a well thought out itinerary with merchants celebrating the return of fishermen and their families to the area, by providing you great savings for patronizing their businesses. There will be coupons for lodging, fishing trips, treats and gifts! In other words, SOMETHING FOR EVERYONE! Look for these coupons every Thursday night, with your regularly delivered email report due out at 9:00 p.m.

We’ll house the bevvy or weekly coupons here, so you don’t just have a few coupons to utilize, but a bunch of Tillamook County treats and services that will keep you and your family busy throughout the day!

Well, let’s get started, with this week’s itinerary, take it from a 20-year Tillamook County resident, there’s always something fun to do in Tillamook!

Weekend Itinerary for September 17th, 2016 sponsored by

Tillamook Coast

Tillamook County Coupons for the week of September 15th

Utilize your first coupon by booking 1 or 2 nights at the Netarts Surf Inn. You’re just blocks away from Netarts Bay where crabbing is picking up nicely, but the sight of diving pelicans and seabirds feeding is worth the price of admission on its own! There are some great restaurants in the vicinity as well. Who doesn’t like fresh Netarts Bay oysters anyway? Take advantage of this newly remodeled wonderful facility by clicking on your coupon for $20.00 off of one night or $50.00 off of two nights here.

On your way into town, it would behoove any fisherman, or their spouses, to stop by Sky Veek’s Lucky Bear Soap Company, right in downtown Tillamook at 1907 2nd street, right on the way to Netarts Surf Inn. Skyler has that special Fisherman’s Soap that of course has anise oil incorporated into it. Every fisherman knows that masking human scent, especially with anise oil will catch you more fish! And of course Skyler has an array of soaps that you can pick up for your other family members, to help justify you going fishing again in Tillamook the following weekend. If you can’t get to Tillamook directly, or want to get your soap in preparation for your next trip, you can always order online from Lucky Bear. Of course there’s an array of other products to choose from too, making for the perfect holiday gifts! Skyler saves you 10% off your purchase of $50.00 or more by using the coupon you can find here.

Now that you’re settled in to where you’re staying and what soaps you’re buying yourself and your family members, of course you’re going fishing the next day! Have you booked your fishing trip yet? Well, Garibaldi Charters has the trip for you! Whether you want to pursue the monster lingcod that haven’t been fished on all summer along the deep reefs (season opens October 1st!), fish for salmon or simply go for an afternoon crabbing trip, these guys do it right! They’ve been in business for decades and have some of the most competent captains on the north coast! Utilize the $15.00 off any weekday fishing trip coupon here and go get your fresh seafood catch of the year!

Finally, a drive through Garibaldi is a wasted one if you don’t go to my favorite bakery, The Bayfront Bakery. I trust these guys so much, that we had them make the rolls for our wedding! Just by walking in, you’ll smell why this is the first stop you want to make before hitting the boat ramp. I’ve spent many a breakfast here. This busy husband/wife combo will treat you to a free donut with your purchase of a large coffee. Yeah, there’s a catch, you won’t be leaving this bakery with just one donut. I usually get a dozen for me and my fishing customers, it seems to make the pain go away if the fish aren’t biting. Just go here to download your coupon and get your donut on!