Willamette River Fishing Report September 6th, 2019

Willamette River Fishing Report – Although there’s not much in the way of salmon or steelhead fishing for Willamette River anglers, knowledgeable casters know that coho are en route to the Clackamas River. Armed with that knowledge, there are a few options for anglers in the metro area.

Casting spinners at the mouth of the Clackamas is not a bad idea this time of year. Fish will likely stage there and can fall to properly retrieved spinners in the early morning hours. Meldrum Bar anglers can also intercept an occasional fish en route to the Clackamas and boats have been known to anchor with eggs out the back close to where the bulkhead used to be.

I don’t know of any one that has pioneered coho fishing in the mainstem Willamette, but it’s only a matter of time before someone figures out a way, especially in the decade of the 360 degree flasher and spinner set up. If they have figured it out, I haven’t figured it out that they have it figured out. What? Who’s on first…

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